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Should you actually need a transmission replacement, feel confident that all technicians have classes and training through ATRA – Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association and ATSG – Automatic Transmission Service Group.

100% Guaranteed

At Cottman we back up our work with a 100% guarantee. We treat your car like it was our own.

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We take pride in correctly diagnosing the issue with your vehicle and doing so at reasonable prices.

Transmission Replacement in Columbia, SC

transmission replacementAt Cottman, we fix transmission problems; it’s been the hallmark of our business model since 1962. That usually means repairing or rebuilding your transmission. But sometimes a repair or a rebuild just isn’t your best choice. Sometimes a better choice is to replace your transmission with a remanufactured one, or “reman.”

For example, maybe your transmission is too damaged to repair it at a reasonable price. Or maybe the parts aren’t available. Then again, maybe a reman will just provide better warranty coverage for your particular situation.

Whatever the reasons, at Columbia, SC Cottman, we sometimes recommend transmission replacement instead of a repair or rebuild. Naturally, we’ll always explain the reasons to you, and show you why replacing your transmission is a better option for you. In every case, the final choice will be yours.

Rest assured that, whether you end up with a repair, a rebuild, or a reman, at Columbia, SC Cottman you’ll always receive a complete diagnosis, and we’ll always stand behind our repair, whatever they entail. And we promise you that, when you bring your car or truck to Columbia, SC Cottman, you’ll never pay for a transmission unless you actually need a transmission. That’s our promise to you.

Signs Your Transmission May Need Replacement

When it comes to transmission issues, early detection can save both time and money. However, there are certain signs that indicate a transmission has gone beyond the point of repair and may require a complete replacement. Understanding these signs can help vehicle owners make informed decisions about their transmission care.

  1. Excessive Transmission Fluid Leaks: While small leaks can be repaired, a transmission that consistently loses fluid despite repairs might be too damaged to salvage.
  2. Unusual Noises and Vibrations: If your vehicle emits grinding sounds or unusual vibrations even after repair attempts, this could indicate irreversible damage to the transmission’s internal components.
  3. Burning Smell: A persistent burning smell, despite servicing, suggests that the transmission is overheating, which can lead to significant damage that is often irreparable.
  4. Transmission Slipping: If the transmission slips between gears or fails to engage gears properly even after adjustments, it might be too worn out for a simple repair.
  5. Delayed Response: A transmission that hesitates or delays before moving into drive or reverse is a sign of internal problems that might be beyond repair.
  6. Check Engine Light: While not always indicative of a transmission beyond repair, a check engine light, especially when accompanied by any of the above symptoms, should be taken seriously.


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