Rebuilding A 1964 Mercury Marauder Transmission

We got the pleasure of rebuilding this 1964 Mercury Marauder. The transmission was in pretty bad shape as you can tell by the picture. It was a cruise-o-matic transmission and we put new clutches, seals, and gaskets in and a new torque converter. This gem is back on the road and ready to cruise.



If you’re considering a transmission repair or transmission replacement, please visit our team of experts. Our procedure is simple: You bring your car to your local Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center. We perform a TransCheck 21 Plus Inspection, which includes checking your transmission’s fluid, looking for leaks, examining its performance, and looking for any computer system trouble codes that could indicate a problem. From there, we’ll give you a complete report on your transmission’s condition, and recommend any services that might help improve your transmission’s longevity. Maybe there won’t be anything required, or maybe they’ll recommend a service. From there, any follow-up appointments can be scheduled accordingly.