Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care Celebrates “National Check Your Transmission Day” Oct. 21

HORSHAM, Pa. – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care are leveraging its position as an industry leader in aftermarket and transmission maintenance with an unprecedented national holiday: National Check Your Transmission Day on Oct. 21, 2017, a special celebration during October’s National Car Care Month.

In observance of National Check Your Transmission Day, Cottman is urging all drivers to make transmission maintenance a priority. To that end, Cottman is offering its very own free TransCheck 21 PLUS Inspection, which provides busy consumers with the chance to enhance regular auto maintenance with a comprehensive transmission check at no extra charge.

“Since many consumers depend on their car as their primary source of transportation, preventative car care and maintenance is often the key to extending the life of their vehicle,” said Randy Wright, president for Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care. “Transmission maintenance is not always included in a basic tune-up check, and National Check Your Transmission Day is a chance for consumers to take advantage of services such Cottman’s free TransCheck 21 PLUS Inspection to ensure their transmissions are serviced regularly.”

Transmission repair is one of the most expensive and therefore most dreaded repairs, making many consumers prone to ignore preventable problems. “National Check Your Transmission Day is a reminder for consumers to face transmission problems head-on and prolong a transmission’s life by bringing in their vehicles for regular transmission fluid and filter checks,” said Derik Beck vice president of digital marketing for Cottman. “We want all consumers to just be aware that this is an important part of the vehicle and by creating a national day we can highlight the need to have it checked, not only on this particular day but throughout the year.”

On National Check Your Transmission Day, Cottman will also be raising awareness of the various maintenance habits that can reduce the life of a car’s transmission, from poor driving habits to inadequate service intervals. With better awareness of transmission maintenance basics, Cottman intends to convince more drivers of the importance of transmission checks to prevent unnecessary, costly repairs.

Observed in October, National Check Your Transmission Day also falls within National Car Care Month, which promotes regular car maintenance all month long. October and the fall season is the perfect opportunity for drivers to effectively prepare and safeguard their vehicles’ functionality for winter as the season changes from summer to fall.

In addition to taking advantage of transmission-focused maintenance services such as Cottman’s TransCheck 21 PLUS Inspection, consumers can observe National Check Your Transmission Day by familiarizing themselves with what to look for in a healthy transmission. Beyond simply paying attention to the check engine light or replacing old oil, knowing the basics of transmission maintenance can empower customers to get the best care possible for their vehicles—is the oil burnt or just worn out? Is the material in the bottom of the sump a problem or is it just normal wear? Is it too late to be paying for a service to fix a transmission issue? A little knowledge can go a long way in empowering a consumer to ensure their transmission is performing at the top of its game.

To further educate consumers, earlier this year Cottman released it’s a new animated character called the Transmission Physician and a new educational video series which features her as a specialist in transmission technology and repair, and explores topics through the video series such as, checking the automatic transmission fluid (ATF), why transmissions are so expensive, the process of how a transmission works, rechecks and more. These videos are accessible via the Cottman website.

At its core, Cottman centers are and always have been transmission specialty repair centers, dedicated to providing honest, quality service at reasonable prices to drivers everywhere. Transmissions, cars, and technology, in general, continue to change, and with it the consumer demand for information. This is why the National Check Your Transmission Day was founded and the Transmission Physician Educational Video Series was created.

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